All the reasons why Rome is worth more than just a visit

Visiting Rome is one of the most amazing experiences a tourist can have. The city has a strange nickname, the “Eternal City,” and this is due to the amazing historical background that anyone walking the Roman streets can take their breath away from. Everywhere.

It starts with Republican and Imperial Rome, and extends through the Middle Ages and especially during the Renaissance, when all the most important Italian artists focused on Rome to enrich the city with amazing and unique masterpieces.

Rome, to fully enjoy it, is worth more than a trip, because the city is huge and the risk of seeing even a very small part of all things is really high.

That’s why it’s probably best to choose a specific theme for each excursion, eg all the fountains, or all Bernini’s works, etc.

With a program like this, you’ll be absolutely sure that you won’t lose important relics of history just because of lack of time!

And the best way to implement in practice the aim is to choose the right accommodation on the Internet: if you use your browser to search for Rome Guest House, it will answer you with a lot of solutions, and you can choose the one closest to the area you have targeted: a comfortable and welcoming place that will be the base for all your operations!

But do not forget that Rome also offers an exciting nightlife, especially in the summer. Along the banks of the Tiber (Tevere, in Italian) and especially in the so-called Trastevere district, you can find markets, great musicians and street performers, plenty of bistros, but also restaurants where the chance to sample traditional Italian – and Roman – dishes is absolutely inevitable.

Another must-try theme in Rome: along with Milan, the city is the heart of Italian haute couture, fashion style, and design. This means that if you take advantage of the sale season, and visit famous streets like Via Condotti, one of the finest vibes in the world with ateliers of Bulgari, Dior and many more, you will engage in a crazy shopping time!

This is only the last option, because Rome offers you much more from a non-physical point of view, as we described above: but if you love design, you can’t forget that Rome also houses important and world-famous modern art museums, such as MAXXI, GNAM and Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

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