Creator’s Review of Self Confidence – Does Dr. Anthony’s Program Work?

Self Confidence Creator is a popular program to help people improve their confidence level these days. In this Self Confidence Creator review, we’ll take a look at this program, see what exactly you’ll find inside and talk about the pros and cons of Dr. Robert Anthony’s product.

Creator Review Self Confidence – What Exactly Is It?

Developed by Dr. Robert Anthony, a licensed psychotherapist and member of the Society for Holistic Energy Psychology, Self Confidence Creator is focused on increasing user confidence to measurably higher levels.

The program is divided into three main units and the following are the basics of each of the units:

Module 1 – Updating your “model” of self-confidence

The information in the first unit is designed to teach the user how to “model” the habits, skills, and all strategies of people with high levels of self-esteem.

In addition, in this unit, you will learn about all the mistakes you have made in your life that are causing you to have low self-esteem and how you can make some changes to fix them.

Module Two – Changing the Emotional “Setpoint”.

In the second module of the Self Confidence Creator programme, you will learn how to change a lack of self-esteem on an emotional level.
As you already know, emotions drive our behavior and this is exactly the main reason why you need to change the feelings behind your insecure behavior.

Once you’ve identified your emotional set point, it’s time to move on to the next unit.

Module Three – The “Building Confidence” System

“Confidence Booster” is an audio program by Dr. Robert Anthony that can help you increase your confidence levels at a massive level.
This is actually a short audio that you can copy to your iPhone or mp3 player and listen to every time you need to boost your confidence level.

Now, to really understand if this program is right for you, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of Dr. Robert Anthony’s regimen.

Self-confidence builder review – the pros and cons


Fun and comfortable

One of the good things about Self Confidence Creator is that not only can the exercises included in this program help you increase your self-esteem, but they are also very relaxing and fun to listen to.

It can be learned everywhere

Another advantage of Dr. Robert Anthony’s producer is that you can take his program anywhere and listen to it on the go if you wish.

While some exercises require you to close your eyes and listen to them at home, they can mostly be listened to on your mp3 player while working out, driving, walking, etc.

8-week full money-back guarantee

The Self Confidence Creator by Dr. Robert Anthony is backed by an 8-week full money-back guarantee, and if for any reason this program doesn’t help you, then you can get all your money back, so there’s really no risk.


It can take more than 7 days

Dr. Robert Anthony claims that his program will help you increase your confidence level in just 7 days or even less.
However, everyone is different and it may take more than 7 days for some people to feel any noticeable results.

It can only be found online

At this time, you can only find and purchase Self Confidence Creator on the Internet.

Creator Review Self Confidence – Conclusion

Overall, the Self Confidence Creator program is a complete step-by-step system with proven results, and this program can be very useful to anyone who feels a lack of confidence and wants to enjoy high levels of self-esteem and the success that comes with it.

Keep in mind that just like any other programme, the results of the Self Confidence Creator System may vary from person to person and it may also take more than 7 days for you to feel any noticeable results.

On the other hand, with Dr. Robert Anthony’s 60-day full money-back guarantee, there is enough time to decide if this program is really right for you and to try it out with absolutely no risk.

I hope this self confidence builder review was helpful or for you, all the best!

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