Fashion – birth and development

Just like hairstyles, the majority of fashion trends in the 21st century are based on past politics, social movements, and wars. Basically, fashion means creating clothes and other lifestyle accessories to present yourself with a fabulous look. Charles Frederick Worth was the first fashion designer to gain popularity due to his work. He played an essential role in the world of fashion in the nineteenth century. Worth was the first designer to teach the world what to wear and when to wear it instead of blindly following their prompts.

Charles Frederick Worth

It would not be wrong to say that it was Charles who invented the term fashion. He is recognized as the father of fashion and style globally. Born October 13, 1825 in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England. He first started working in textile merchants in London and later moved to Paris which remained the center of fashion until 1845. Paris was the city where he established and inherited his status as a great designer. He also won the Great Fashion Show in London in 1851.

His experience and knowledge of fashion made him a famous designer, and finally in 1858; He started his own fashion business. His impressive fashion skills have made him a popular personality in the fashion world. Charles gained recognition as a fashion designer for his remarkable skills in combining colours, shades and tones in dresses.

Fashion is all about expressing your identity in an attractive way. It means showing someone who you are through fashion skills and using your clothes to represent your personality.

There is no doubt that following the right fashion trends can make your look charming and attractive to others. If we talk about modern fashion trends, they are divided into two basic categories: ready-to-wear and haute couture.

A comparison between haute couture and ready-to-wear

The entire high-end tailoring is dedicated to just a few fashionistas and can be easily customized to fit these clients exactly. If you are planning to start your own haute couture house; Make sure to release the newest collection twice a year offering no less than 30 outfits each time. On the other hand, ready-made dress means standard size. They can be divided into two types: designer and dessert sets. If we talk about the designer collection, then these are very expensive and high-quality dresses. Designer clothes are always made to add a luxurious touch to the personality of the wearer. Both ready-to-wear and haute couture collections are presented at international forums in order to market.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a designer?

last but not least; If you want to become a fashion designer in the future, creativity is the first requirement in this field. To work as a designer, one needs an artistic and imaginative personality. One should also have technical knowledge of the garment industry. If you have strong drawing skills and are good at expressing your ideas; Trust me! will rock the world. You can be a great designer, if you have a good visual imagination and can think creatively in 3D. After all, this is a designer’s job to put all of his amazing ideas into clothes.

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