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PDF Creator is a software solution for creating PDF documents from almost any file or program. The program acts as a “virtual printer”, so basically what you do is start whatever program is your source file, open the source file and then select Print, choosing PDF Creator as the “printer”. With this method, you can convert almost any file to PDF that you can see in almost any Microsoft Windows application, including word processor files, spreadsheets, presentations, images from graphics and design programs, files intended for multimedia software, and more. In addition, since Internet Explorer and Firefox include printing options, you can also easily convert web applications and content to PDF as well.

In the real world of course, not all documents are created in one app. For example, it is not uncommon to want to combine text prepared in a word processor, with a spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel, with a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Fortunately, the developers of PDF Creator have considered this requirement, and as a result, PDF Creator integrates a feature that allows you to combine any number of files (which can of course be of different types) into a single PDF file.

PDF Creator also includes a number of useful security features including password protection options. You can use security features to control whether printing is allowed or not, copying of text and images is allowed or not, and so on.

The software works with all recent versions of Microsoft Windows, including Vista, and is backed by an 8-week warranty. There are a number of different license options available ranging from a single computer license to company and site licenses, and there is also a free trial available. I’m not going to pretend that PDF Creator is the cheapest program of its kind on the market, but given its feature set, it might be one you want to consider if you need to create PDF documents, especially if you need to do so from several different types of source documents.

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