Review on Apple Bottom Jeans

Apple Bottom Jeans apparel was launched in 2003. The clothing line was aimed at women with curvaceous figures, especially the back side. “Curvy” is their catchphrase. To be clear, the Apple Bottom brand focuses on featuring lifestyle collections that celebrate women’s natural shapes and shades rather than trying to make them fit with shapeless or ill-fitting clothing.

Nelly personally oversees every item produced by the brand and ensures that everyone who wears her clothes feels special due to the attractive designs and the perfect fit with the brand promises. The Apple Bottom stands out with its signature apple logo on the back pockets of the jeans. The clothes fall into the hip hop category and are casually chic yet can be described as streetwear. The brand mixes figure-hugging materials like Lycra with denim to create a “warm” look.

The Apple-Bottom Jeans clothing line has gained international recognition with its brand ambassador or model search campaign broadcast on the channels. The world sat up and took note of this unique brand and the collection was sold out in two weeks. In fact, the brand features in several hip-hop songs.

The sizes offered for sale also vary from small to plus size. Plus-size clothing from Apple-Bottom is a sell-out among plus-size women because despite their bulkier silhouettes, they look pretty in these flattering, trendier clothes. Moreover, the prices are also reasonable which makes it affordable to more number of clients.

Apple’s bottom jeans store is a shopper’s paradise that sells lifestyle products, kids wear, jewelry, handbags, accessories, etc. They also have lingerie and a swimwear line. Apart from these, the brand also endorses fragrance. They chose to be different by bringing out the jeans studded with rhinestones, beads and intricate details.

Apple bottoms can also be ordered online and they have the same day shipping option. It’s also available on e bay at great deals. Today, this brand that only started its line with jeans caters to the desires and whims of fashionable women all over the world and releases sophisticated and trendy designs every season.

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