The philosophy and history behind streetwear

Streetwear is a loose term to describe a fashion movement that originated from the bottom up, as opposed to bottom-down fashion in which a company specifically researches and invests in a range of clothing. weary of the excess marketing of apparel giants like Gap, Abercrombie, Fitch, and Old Navy; Youth culture carried a new do-it-yourself approach, incorporating the vintage-style hat, T-shirt, and sneakers into a new brand of clothing. These “brand new” fashions are not to be confused with hip-hop culture, for although they exploit baggy clothing and hats, they generally steer clear of displays of grandeur, jewelry, and the demeanor that goes with it. A more similar comparison might benefit when comparing streetwear to skateboarding, with brands like Vans, Dickies, and Emerica dominating the scene.

Popular items that have arisen from the streetwear style are printed T-shirts that have abstract or highly expressive images on any part of the T-shirt. They are usually asymmetrical, forming a sharp contrast to the more tame shirts produced by clothing giants like Tommy Hilfiger. Another addition to the popular t-shirts created by street wear culture is the clever reinterpretation and blending of vintage and iconic characters. Famous characters include Rocky, from Rocky and Bullwinkle, Marilyn Monroe, and Boom Box. Texts and phrases also dominate the scene. Phrases are usually mixed with images or other designs. The wittier and lighter the comment, the more iconic and enduring the shirt becomes.

The color palette of streetwear culture is varied, but some of the most combined colors are black, purple, red, and brown. Bold colors are preferred over soft and cool colors. It can be explained that through the colors and the combination of colors, street wear commands attention and makes its mark in the field of fashion.

The sneaker and warm cap are the commercial streetwear accessories of the street wear culture. Among the most popular sports shoes are Nike, Adidas and Vans. The more unusual the color combination in these sneakers, the better. Common colors include neon green, bright red, yellow, orange, and sky blue. These colors are used interchangeably with basic black and white. Streetwear hats are borrowed from ski hats and consist of faded colors such as beige and taupe.

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