The three most commonly used ways to convert Word to PDF

There are plenty of PDF creators that you can use to convert basically any document into the popular PDF format. Most PDF creators have two things in common: they use more or less the same technology, and they allow you to convert existing Word files and other files to PDF in three different ways.

Method 1. Right-click. More or less unique to MyPDFCreator, this method simply involves right-clicking the document you want to convert to PDF. Choose the “Convert to PDF” option and you’re basically done! Note: The program will usually open the selected document in your default program (i.e. a Word document in MS Word). This is a fully automated step but is required to send the document into the PDF Creator program, and it usually takes a fraction of a second before the default program automatically closes again.

The second way. Drag and drop. Simply open the PDF Creator and drag the file into it
PDF Creator window/dialogue. A prompt should appear automatically asking where to save the converted PDF file. This method is most useful when you are trying to combine or merge multiple documents into one file: just select all files, drag and drop them into the PDF Creator window, wait a few seconds, optionally modify the order of the documents, and hit the Merge/Merge button. Note: Not all PDF programs support merging/merging multiple documents. (The recommended program for merging files currently is MyPDFCreator.)

The third method. File -> Print. Most PDF creation software, including MyPDFCreator, is installed as a “default printer”. It sounds weird, but it basically means that it will add a new fake “printer” to your Windows that you can use to create PDF files. Simply print a document from any program (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Paint, Photoshop, Publisher, etc…) and select the fake PDF printer as the desired one. The PDF software will pop up automatically, and instead of printing your document, it will automatically convert to PDF! looks puzzling? Don’t worry: it may look like it, but it’s actually quite handy and easy to use. The main advantage of this method is that it allows you to convert PDF files from any print-capable program!

So which method should you use? Just choose the one you like the most, as all three systems are equally powerful and will result in the exact same converted PDF file.

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