Virtual animation studio Aniboom launches a brand new one

Aniboom brought in Neville Brody’s innovative graphic design company, Research Studios, to develop a new language for the animation content portal, one that includes “animation motion”.

Several significant changes have been made including the addition of a portfolio showcase, better animation video viewing experiences for creators, and the more prominent emergence of career-enhancing opportunities such as competitions with leading global branded companies. The new Creator Community Showcase feature, through which animators can submit their work to the community, is just one example of how animators can help gain exposure for the animation industry through the site.

Aniboom’s Creative Director, Idit Frankel, described the rebranding process as a challenge to: “Integrate our need for a professional platform – for content creators and leads and still serve as an entertainment platform for viewers looking for amazing animation… Research Studio’s deliveries stand out as being state-of-the-art yet about as accessible as you can get.”

“Aniboom is for us the best website online for the animation industry, giving us a unique opportunity to help bring new, flexible tools to a large and very dynamic creative web community,” says Neville Brodie. “Combined with a twin-track intent to bring new discoveries in terms of creators and creations to a multi-platform distribution industry, we’ve designed a channel with subtle levels of changeability, allowing Aniboom to speak authentically to different types of market, from young creators to corporate executives and media buyers.”

“The new font we’ve produced is intentionally glowy and functional, playful and industrial, reflecting for us the inner dynamism at its core. The overall look and feel is at times modern Swiss and comically anarchic. Rules are created and then broken, enabling the site and brand to adapt to a rapidly changing culture and allowing new ingredients to be added when needed, while keeping this young brand in tune with today’s global animation trends and technologies.”

This new language represents what are identified as the core characteristics and personality of their brand value.

To date, the international animation community at Aniboom includes more than 7,000 animators from 72 countries around the world. The independent content library, the largest in existence, includes over 12,000 animated short films, made in a variety of media, including 3D, traditional 2D, flash, stop motion and more.

Freelance animators from around the world create and present original content via competitive online events. These events provide creators with a variety of previously inaccessible job opportunities, enabling them to fast track their own path in the animation industry. The global portfolio of opportunities to date has included: creating music videos for Radiohead (In Rainbows Music Video Competition), annual Aniboom Awards judged by top industry professionals, and over $150,000 in awards and development deals.

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