What is the fashion trend and fashion cycle?

How does something become fashionable? What is the fashion cycle? If you want to find answers to these questions, you are on the right page. When a particular look, color or item grows in popularity, it turns into a fashion trend. Then there are some factors that may affect the trend. Some of these factors include textile manufacturers, designer shows, fashion designers, and celebrity apparel. Let’s find out more.

What is the fashion cycle?

Fashion refers to a natural cycle that advances the trend of fashion. At first, her popularity kept rising and then her popularity plummeted. Finally, it is rejected by the masses. Let’s take a deeper look at the five stages of the fashion cycle.


At this point, a new style is making its way into the fashion world. For example, this introduction can be done during Fashion Week. Alternatively, a well-known character might wear a specific costume during an event. Sometimes, this is the collective effort of the manufacturer or marketing agency. Also, this type of clothing can be purchased from a few retailers or designers. The price of such clothes is very high.


This stage is also called the “acceptance stage”. Generally, when something rises in popularity in the fashion world, it receives a trend tag. This is when a lot of trendsetters and leaders try on these outfits. These influencers may be from social media platforms. At this point, consumer demand for these products continues to rise. Then more retailers and online stores make these garments available to the general public.


At this point, the popularity of the outfit reaches new heights. You may find a lot of the general public welcoming this trend. Most retailers will also welcome this trend. At this point, this folk costume will be made on a mass level. And there will be a wide range of price tags.


At this point, the market becomes overly saturated. This is when the extreme popularity of this trend starts to annoy customers. And this is the point where the popularity of the outfit continues to decline.

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During this stage, the outfit is considered old or outdated. However, that doesn’t mean that a rejected item can’t get back into the fashion cycle again. As a matter of fact, the fashion cycle refers to a state of continuous repetition.

Let’s take an example. The jeans lifestyle took off in the 1940s. However, this trend continued to decline and then it became popular again in the 1990s.

So, this was an introduction to the fashion trend and the fashion cycle. If you want to get into the fashion industry, we suggest you consider a fashion course. Apart from this, you may want to follow the industry news as well.

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