Women’s Designer Shoes – What’s Hot for 2007?

Designer women’s shoes are the perfect addition to a stylish wardrobe. As spring approaches, we want to give you a preview of what you’ll likely be wearing for 2007.


Lacoste was founded by the Sciberra family in Italy in 1933. This iconic brand sporting little green crocodiles is known all over the world. The name Lacoste is synonymous with luxurious and exquisite design. The brand continues to attract the fashion conscious consumer. Its unique designs and modern colorways are what sets it apart from other competing lifestyle brands.

Yitzhak Mizrahi

Yitzhak Mizrahi is known all over the world as a true fashion genius. His fashion ensembles bring a unique style to the real world that is classic and functional, yet inherently playful. Isaac Mizrahi has produced a distinctive line of women’s specialty shoes that are of the highest quality, comfort and value. If you are looking for eye-catching haute couture, look no further than Isaac Mizrahi’s shoe collection.


Are you looking for something new and stylish? Michael Kors’ contemporary footwear line offers reimagined style with an emphasis on modern luxury. Michael Kors shoes remains dedicated to producing stylish, ready-to-wear designs for its loyal customers. Michael Kors shoes offer the best in relaxed American style.

Taryn Rose

The Taryn Rose shoe collection was introduced in 1988. It takes three hours to make a pair of Taryn Rose shoes. They are handcrafted by only the best Italian artisans. Taryn Rose’s collection of luxury footwear is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Previously trained as an orthopedic surgeon, Taryn Rose offers women the chance to wear stylish shoes that fit your feet, too.

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